Hellenic Shooting Sports | Beginners Special
Beginners Special
Learn to Shoot, Beginners
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Beginners Special

Want to try Shooting Sports?

The Hellenic Shooting Sports Association of South Australia encourages responsible and safe shooting sports.


If you are new to shooting sports or would like to find out what all the fun is all about, then why not register for a Beginners Special.


Following a surge in interest in clay target shooting, we are offering a “Beginner’s Special”. The Beginner’s Special is a package deal for first-time shooters which provides them with everything they need to try out clay target shooting and to find out if they want to take up the sport.


The Beginners Special includes:

  •  practice clays,
  •  ear plugs,
  •  shells,
  •  instruction by one of the senior members of the club,
  •  one round of the clay target competition course (25 targets),
  •  a lunch voucher ($10 discount on lunch),
  •  supervised use of a loan shotgun,
  •  a voucher for $20 discount on club membership.
  • And the Beginners Special is great value at only $85 (please confirm price at time of ordering)


If you have ever wondered if this is the sport for you, then contact us with the details below, or call us for details.

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